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    We source our fresh food from the finest halaal markets in Orlando to bring you a truly authentic South African home-cooked meal.


    We deliver the best South African cuisine in Orlando!


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  • FAQ

    Q: How does your delivery work?

    Everything is always prepared to order and made as fresh as possible for your enjoyment and convenience. To make things easy for you, we deliver your dinner along with your lunch pack for the following day so that you can be ready to get up and go enjoy your day as quickly as you like. We know that going to the theme parks is especially an all day event so this allows you to spend more time enjoying the city instead of waiting and searching for food.


    Most hotels have a refrigerator for you to store your food in. I suggest you bring a foldable cool/hot pack for you to store your snacks & lunches at for the parks. Once you are prepared to leave the parks give us a call and we will start preparing your dinner to order so that it is ready to be delivered upon your return to the hotel. After a long day at the parks you will really just want to get back, eat, and relax so we will make sure to have everything perfect for the occasion so that you don't have to look for halaal restaurants late at night.

    Q: It says you have a set menu. Can I request another meal or dish of my choice? What if we have allergies?

    Of course! Here at Halaal To Go we will honor your request and always go the extra mile to accommodate you and your family. Let us know if you have any requests and we will work to prepare appropriately to your satisfaction. Please inform us of any allergens or dietary restrictions and we will specially accommodate appropriately.

    Q: Why do you ask for a detailed itinerary?

    We prepare our food 100% fresh to order which means that making your food will depend on your plans and whether you are ordering breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Based on when you arrive we may plan to prepare a lunch or if arriving later then we may plan to prepare you a dinner. If you travel to another destination by car you might need a travel pack. I would like to make your journey as smooth as possible while you enjoy your home cooked snacks.

    Q: Can we bring food into the theme parks?

    Yes! We recommend bringing as many snacks into the parks as possible. It is highly recommended you especially buy lots of bottled water from Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS as the park prices are outrageous.

    Q: What else should we bring into the theme parks?

    Pack as lightly as possible. Bring plenty of food, strollers (if needed), and lots of water! Nothing else is really necessary aside from potential rain gear, sunscreen, or basic items.

    Q: Are there restrictions to where you deliver the food?

    No, we generally deliver anywhere within the Orlando theme park attractions area.

    Q: What are the local prayer times?

    Check out the Islamic Center of Orlando website for the current local prayer times.

    Q: Should we rent a car?

    We generally do not recommend renting a car but this varies depending on your travel plans. If the property offers a shuttle to the theme parks you are visiting then we recommend using Uber or local transportation services.Renting cars in Orlando typically includes added tourist taxes and fees but of course gives you added freedom to not be waiting for shuttles or other drivers.

    Q: Is it better to buy our tickets online or in person?

    Some hotels and resorts will offer discounted pricing though you will typically have to attend a seminar for these discounted passes. Be aware that the timeshare presentations will not require an obligation to purchase the timeshare though it may be high pressure or take more time than they advertise. If you don't mind sitting through the presentation then you can certainly get a great discount from these presentations.

    Aside from this, there are no real differences from buying online or in person as even Florida residents typically don't even get special discounts. We generally recommend that you buy the tickets in person or on the day you plan to go to the park in case you wish to change your schedule around.


    For your convenience, tickets for the parks can be found here: Universal Studios & Volcano Bay | Disney Theme Parks | Sea World

    Q: Do you offer any other services or amenities?

    Yes, we offer laundry services upon request. Please let us know ahead of time if you will be needing these services.

    Q: Recommendations for activities in other destinations?

    TORONTO - Nando's Milky Lane, Niagra Falls, Niagra Outlets, CN Tower, Burgernator, Juma Prayers at the Grand Mosque, Canada wonderland In Toronto, Addy's halal Geralds street Indian area


    NEW YORK - Love Sign, Rockefeller center ice rink, Central Park, Serendipity - Oprah's favorite Frozen Hot Chocolate, Carlos Bakery - famous cake boss from Hoboken, United Nations Building, Dough loco donuts, Wall Street Union Station, Grand Central Station, Lauderee - macaroons

    *** Friendly Note:

    SUGGESTION: I suggest you use a Friday to do any outlet and mall shopping since Jumma is in the middle of the day you can choose your Jumma time, the mosque offers 2 times available for Jumma. Please visit this website for the prayer times -- following this recommendation will give you the rest of your day to sightsee, shop, and try some other halaal restaurants. I have a list of my favorite halaal restaurants which I can provide upon request.


    WEATHER: Orlando is the lighting capital of the world. Summers are tropical weather and are very hot & humid with lots of rain, thunder, and lightening. We recommend getting a poncho or light hoodie for the kids that can be folded and carried around easily. Winter can get fairly cold for a few days but, again, the weather is very unpredictable. Some winters will often have locals in shorts the entire time and sometimes it can be near freezing temperature for a period of time. Double check weather prior to arrival and always plan for the unexpected. Have backup plans for rain or cold.


    TRAVELLING WITH KIDS: Travel light and bring foldable strollers if needed. Light raincoats and ponchos are highly recommended. The parks can be very tiring for the family so plan to expect long days with lots of walking!


    HOTEL RECOMMENDATION: I recommend staying in a hotel that has resort styled amenities such as a washer/dryer and full kitchen. Especially if travelling with kids. The convenience of these higher end properties is worthwhile whether you are on a honeymoon, have kids, or are just coming for an adventure.


    The Halaal To Go Story


    Anyone who knows me, can attest to my grumpiness and intolerability of ‘disappointing’ meals. When it comes to ‘no’ meals, I become morbidly depressed!

    Orlando was the second destination on our trip (of 30 days). We were already 10 days into our holiday and beginning to miss food that we were accustomed to.

    We thought that we could ‘make-a-plan’ whilst holidaying at Disney World Orlando. The afternoon of Day 1 had me texting Khatija Essa, an expat who’s now living in Orlando for over 32 years. We made contact via a telephone chat application called Telegram 3 weeks before we were due to arrive in Orlando. Whilst the conversations were short, with details of where to eat, little did I realise that she would be our literal, ‘saving grace’ whilst we were there.

    We soon realised that this was one holiday where we wouldn’t be able to make that proverbial ‘plan’. Admittedly, I didn’t believe her when she said that there was NO food options at the Parks, and NO halaal-suitable (or vegetarian suitable) options at the Hotels either.

    Since coming from New York, we learnt a few things that have changed our perception of Halaal-safe eating. Potato’s are often fried in the same oil that is used to fry meat products. This includes any cooked vegetable from a breakfast buffet selection. Fish is often cooked on the same grill as burgers, so exercise caution when selecting any seafood option from the menu, or omit if possible. If Pancakes include a non-permissable meat, it would often mean that they are often added onto the same grill. Be cautious when ordering this as there is a great risk of contamination.

    Going on her recommendation of meeting, Khatija fetched us from Downtown Disney the following day, and we went for lunch to a Middle Eastern restaurant called Kabbab House. This was our first Halaal meal in Orlando. The food was so flavoursome, and pleasing on the palate. They have daily lunch specials which include a choice of lentil soup (fantastically warming, I suggest replacing your usual option of fries and opting for a bowl of this as a starter to your meal) fries or salad. I opted for the Chicken Shish Tawouk, whilst the kids decided on spaghetti. Both options were thoroughly enjoyed.

    At this stage, I need to add that this whole situation isn’t as it seems. Khatija had never cooked meals for people visiting from South Africa, nor did she have any menu, price list or inclination to do one! Mohamed and I asked her if she was keen to supply us with food during our stay and she obliged. We weren’t sure how any of this was going to work, or pan out for that matter, but it did, successfully. I was under the impression that she’d show us a few places to eat at, recommend a good meal here and there, but never once did I think that we would turn this into a fully fledged business offering for her! And we’re glad that she has. Following our first meet, we needed to determine what meals we required and how it was going to get to us.

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